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Miss Whitney Morgan is your mean, bratty, bully of a babysitter. You’re stuck – alone – with her over the weekend and she plans to make the most of it by bullying you 24/7. Dressed in a sexy black bra and red leather leggings, she jumps on to the bed pinning you down. She hasn’t brushed her teeth in a week leading up to this. She blows her breath in your face, burps, blows her breath more making you gag. Continuing to blow her stinky breath in your face calling you a little bitch and to smell it. “You look hungry, maybe I should FEED you these stinky burps” plugging your nose up you gasp for air and she burps right in your mouth. “Swallow it! Swallow my my stinky burps!” The more you struggle to get away, the more she picks on you, saying she’ll sit on you next making you smell her ass! Shoving her leather ass in your face “Sniff it!” She grabs you by the head, “We need to wash you off, YOU STINK!!” as she drags you to the bathroom to give you a swirly as your final punishment.

Includes: bratty, bossy, mean girls, leather leggings, bully, bullying, burping, bad breath, stinky breath, smelly breath, mouth fetish, femdom, female domination, ass smelling, tongue fetish, teeth fetish, pov, burp, humiliation.

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