YOU LOVE TRANS PENIS – Jessica Dynamic


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YOU LOVE TRANS PENIS – Jessica Dynamic


Everyday you jerk off to women with beautiful PENISES! PENIS! PENIS! PENIS! Saying the textual, factual version of a dick over and over again just reinforces the fact that YOU LOVE TRANS PENIS! Except your penis obsession starts expanding the more you get off to trans penis. You see their penis. Then you want them to see your penis. Which leads you to fantasize about multiple trans penises. Which leads you to want to connect with other men that love jerking off to trans penises. Then you’re fantasizing about trans penises touching and fucking each other. It’s just one big circle jerk. One big fuck circle. Even the more I say the word – PENIS – the more turned on you get. Literally you have no self control over your desire for TRANS PENIS.

Length:7 min
Size:1013 MB

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