You are too seductive to leave you untied (FHD)


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A thief, Alex, sneaks into an office in order to steal some vulnerable items. Unfortunately, here he accidentally runs across Larissa, an office worker who has lots of dirty thoughts on her mind. Instead of doing her job properly, Larissa spends time dreaming about being overpowered by a strong man and becoming bound and helpless in his hands. Alex somehow guesses what she is up to. He likes Larissa, her appetizing forms drive him crazy. By chance, Alex has some ropes with him. He grabs the girl, undresses her to reveal lovely yellow lingerie that suits her pale skin very much, and starts tying her up. However, the victim doesnt act like she is the victim! Larissa really enjoys the situation melting in Alexs hands and allowing him to touch and squeeze her beautiful body. She ends up being put in a hogtie with a back ballgag sealing her mouth. The thief plays with her for a while and then steps aside to let the girl struggle.
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18 minutes



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