Working Out, Getting Sweaty and Letting You Lick My Armpits 720p wmv


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Video from 2013

I start out every workout with a good stretch, and here I stretch my arms giving you a great view of my armpits before I work out. Then I hop on the elliptical for a hard workout, getting sweaty fast in the summer heat and humidity. You can see the sweat build up on my chest, right through my shirt, under my arms, above my ass and in my crotch, since I wore tight cotton short shorts with no panties underneath. Enjoy multiple views as I work up a sweat…I hop off and show you how sweaty my workout got me! My camel toe is huge and soaked..I bend over and give you a view of my sweaty ass in these tight shorts, before checking my armpits for stench, whew I forgot to wear deoderant! What’s that? You’re hard? You like me sweaty? Hmm interesting. I find myself getting aroused by my smell too, and decide to tease you. I sniff my pits and hold my armpits out for you to smell and lick and take a lick myself, then spit in your mouth. I pull down my top to put my sweaty boobs in your face and then encourage you to lick my pits while you cum for me.

Features: Armpit Fetish, Exercise, Short Shorts, Sweat Fetish, JOI, Camel Toe

9 minutes



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