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You and Scarlett Venom were given pretty cool powers from a full moon and now she wants to try it out on each other! Scarlett goes first, but… her powers do not seem to be working… so you go ahead and give yours a try instead! You tell her to stand up and then you immediately start using your powers to remove every item of clothing off her beautiful body! Until you go too far and piss her off…so she uses her powers to shrink you into a teeny, tiny little man! Now who has the better power? She did warn you to stop… but you chose not to listen! So now you’re just a tiny little thing that she can do whatever she wants with! Does that make you nervous? Hmm guess you should’ve listened instead of finding humor in her embarrassment. Do you want to know what Scarlett thinks is funny?

Thats right..turning YOU into a nice little SNACK for her. As you tremble in fear, she starts to lick and taste you…then she gives you a little peak of where you will be ending up, very soon! She is going to swallow you whole, you’re going to glide all the way down her esophagus until you land right at the bottom of her belly. Enforced to spend the rest of your days slowly being eaten away by the acids in her stomach! Bet you didn’t think that was going to be her power! Now, the only one here thats going to have the last laugh is Scarlett!

7 minutes



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