Vicky’s Feet in Your Face – (Full HD 1080p Version)


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Vicky really had a blast humiliating me with her dirty socks after wearing them for a week, so she thought it was now your turn to serve her demands! Shes been working all day in her boots, and her pretty big feet really need some attention! She asks you to kneel on the floor in front of her, and takes pleasure in humiliating you with her boots, before taking them off to cover your face with her very hot, very stinky socks! The smell of her socks is really strong, but she asks you to smell them, and appreciate all the work she has done with her socks! The smell is so strong, shell have to make you lick them off, and clean all the dirt under her socks with your tongue! She loves seeing you obey her orders! Vicky also enjoys taking off her dirty socks, to cover your face again but this time with her two stinky bare feet! The smell of her feet is also really intense, but she asks you to smell them, and to lick them well with your tongue. Youre going to have to work hard and make yourself useful! She also wants you to suck her toes, and clean all the gunk between each toe with your tongue. Be sure to obey her orders! Vicky is a very demanding goddess!
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