Very Dirty Used Panties Hard Squirting Orgasms (ES702)


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I experience extreme sexual arousal while wearing panties that I know I’m going to be sending to you. It makes me feel like an even bigger slut and whore when I do it. I cum so hard and can hardly keep my hands off of my massive swollen clitoris when I know that I’m collecting my grool, cum, and pussy juices for you to taste, smell, and enjoy. 
The dirtier I make my panties, the more it excites me. The entire time I’m wearing panties for you, I know that you’ll be absorbing my most sexual secretions. The longer I wear them, the more fucked-up they get — and the more intensely aroused I become. I experience massive excitement just feeling my huge slut clitoris rubbing against the layers and layers of grool that dry each day. It’s truly a gift to be able to be such a slut and whore for you, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity. 
At this point, no matter what I do, my huge clitoris will be obvious to anyone. There is no more an option for discretion. I will be undeniably and permanently exposed as a big clit slut and sexual object to anyone who looks at me! From this point on, I don’t get to choose who knows about my giant clitoris. What’s more, the excessive, constant secretion of thick, slippery arousal grool from my gapehole pussy only adds to my tremendously lewd display. 
Becoming truly sexualized and objectified gives me the freedom of not having a choice. No discretion or modesty is possible, and it makes everything so much better. All of the feelings of shame, humiliation, and embarrassment are now a permanent part of my life, but so is the extreme arousal that comes along with it. I have no choice but to accept it, and embrace the full exposure of what I’ve become. 
Most times, I prefer not wearing panties at all precisely because I feel like a bigger slut and whore when I’m more exposed by not wearing any panties. But I absolutely love wearing panties when I know that I’m wearing them for you. Wearing panties solely for the purpose of collecting and delivering my cum, grool, and pussy juices makes me feel like an incredible slut and truly massive whore. In this case, every minute I wear panties my entire body is throbbing with intense sexual excitement. The longer I wear a pair of panties like this, the more sexually arousing it is, and the more sexual excitement I get just from wearing them. The panties themselves become a constant reminder to me that I’m a slut and whore. I frequently have to stop whatever I’m doing and masturbate because of it. I truly, absolutely love wearing panties for you. 
Of course, these panties have already been sent to their new owner, but if you’d like your own pair of my dirty, sexy used panties — I’d love to feel like an even bigger whore and send you a pair to enjoy, too! Check here for information on how to request a pair and special custom video for yourself:
In this exciting new video you’ll watch me as I show you how extremely dirty and grooly I made my sexy black panties after wearing them for three days, telling you to eat and lick my slutty mess while I masturbate and have two massive orgasms, squirting and soaking my panties completely. It’s been a little while since I’ve shared a dirty sexy used panty video, and you can tell by watching me in this one that I was extremely excited to be sending my pussy juices off to be consumed and enjoyed. It makes me feel like such an incredible whore to share my grool and cum to be licked, smelled and tasted, and I’m extremely eager to expose myself doing it for everyone to know just what a degenerate slut I am. 
Starting out, you’ll see me posing and exposing my slut body in a sexy pair of black lace Hunkemöller panties. As I touch and caress my aching pussy, I talk all about how excited I am to be sharing myself so intimately with a very special someone through my dirty panties. I’d been wearing this sexy pair of panties for three full days. I’d been constantly aroused and masturbating the entire time thinking about what a slut I am for sending my panties off for another person to taste my slutty pussy. When I turned on the camera to make this video, I was a total grooly wet mess. My entire body was vibrating with extreme sexual arousal, and my massive clitoris was throbbing and pulsing with desire. 
Talking to you, I continue to pose while explaining in great detail exactly how dirty I made these sexy panties. As I finally peel them off, you can clearly see what an insanely massive creamy white cummy grooly splotch of goo I’d soaked into them. These panties are extraordinarily fucking dirty, and knowing that I’m exposing what a fucking mess I’d made in them causes me to become even more aroused. I give a closer view of my dirty panty mess to the camera, and command you to eat my entire mess. I tell you to suck it out and consume my grool and cum. Thinking about you tasting me and my massive slutty mess, I felt myself trembling with even more extremely massive sexual arousal. 
I just want to be the biggest big clit slut and whore, and doing this with my dirty panties gives me an incredible rush of sexual excitement. Sitting down, I spread my dirty panties out in front of my slut pussy. I can barely contain my excitement. I know I’m slipping up more and more, exposing more of myself and even more of my extremely obscene and degenerate sexual fantasies. I’m just so addicted to the rush of sexual pleasure I get from doing it, I can’t help myself. Every action I’m taking is leading me closer and closer to a life of full permanent public exposure, but it feels so, so fucking good. I know you want it, and I just can’t help but give it to you. 
Seeing these extremely dirty panties displayed so lewdly, I start desperately rubbing and stroking my massive swollen clitoris. I feel so fucking obscene with my extremely dirty panties on full display for everyone to see what a messy cunt slut I really am. Grabbing my high frequency clitoral stimulator, I groan out in pleasure as I mash it against my massive clitoris. With thick slippery arousal grool leaking from my overheated cunt, I use my finger to push the sloppy mess of my panty crotch inside my pussy. Rubbing the extra dirty gusset of my panties inside my cunt, I push it in rhythmically while using my vibrator to send waves of pleasure into my massive swollen clitoris. I’m open and exposed for the whole world to see what a total fucking slut I am. All of these feelings come rushing out of me hard as my orgasm finally hits. It’s a total orgastic explosion as I cum. My cunt is throbbing, contracting and spasming with massive pleasure.
Feeling the dirty gusset of my panties rubbing inside my slut pussy, I desperately moan and groan as wave after wave of intense pleasure overcome me. As I come down from the massive orgasm, my whole body is throbbing, but I’m not done yet. I stand up and put my feet on my chair, squatting over my panties. Reaching down, I desperately beat my massively swollen clitoris back and forth until My cunt opens up wide and I begin to squirt everywhere. Pushing down with my cuntmuscles, I orgasm for the second time, moaning and groaning as I ooze more squirt and grool out from my body. I make a tremendous wet mess everywhere, and completely soak my dirty panties with a deluge of my sloppy squirting mess. They’re completely soaked, dripping wet and covered in my squirt and grool. I didn’t think it was possible, but I’ve made an even bigger mess, and I’m so excited to do it all over again! 
Thank you so much love for giving me the opportunity to indulge my extreme massive dirty panty fetish again! I enjoyed taking it to an even more exciting level this time so much, and I know it’s all because of you that I could cum so hard. I truly feel like a bigger slut and whore than ever before now. I hope you enjoy watching me expose even more of my true self for you in this video, and I hope it makes you cum so extremely hard knowing that you’ve made me this way. 

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