v575 Blindfold ASMR Wife Gets Knotted


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Shot in 4k 3840 x 2160 60fps with Canon EOS R7 – Im so happy that my husband is finally home! I got all dressed up in a cute little outfit because I had a fun little fantasy I wanted to play out with you. Now sit down so I can tie your hands and feet up! Of course Im going to blindfold you as well so you cant see anything, you can only listen. Listen to the sounds of me unzipping my outfit, dirty talking and then.. calling in my furry 4 legged friend?!? Thats right, I want you to sit there and listen while I stroke his giant cock. You can hear me slurping away at his red rocket while he starts to dribble cum into my mouth. I am so horny now that I bend over and let him mount me, humping away until his cock slips in! Oh my his cock feels so good inside of me. Are you jealous that your cock is stuck twitching in your pants? Fuck, I can feel his knot growing inside of me and filling my pussy with his hot, sticky nut! I think I may just cum while Im getting stretched out and filled up! When his knot finally shrinks and slips out of me, I send him out the room and finally take off your blindfold. Your cock is raging hard and some of his nut squirts out my pussy onto my hand and you watch as I lick it clean! Hmmm, well I guess its time to untie you… but you are NOT allowed to cum tonight! The majority of this video is shot while you are “blindfolded” so the screen is completely black and you can only sit back and listen to the dirty things that are happening to me!

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15 minutes



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