Tilly McReese The Cure for Insomnia 4K UHD


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Find it hard to rest?

Call Tilly McReese.

Brian learned this the… hard? Best? Most pleasurable way?

It all started when he asked Tilly, “Can you help me fall resting?”

“Sure, it’s a little bit unconventional, to say the least but it’s worth a shot.” She replies while putting her phone away, annoyed.

Brian crawls on his knees towards Tilly’s welcoming, spread wide-open legs. As soon as his nose touches her mound, it activates a spring and she encompasses him with her powerful thighs.

Tilly McReese may only be 5’4” and a little over 100 pounds but the power within her thighs belongs to someone bigger.

Where is she getting that tremendous strength?

After a few tentative positions, she does a figure four from the side while she lectures Brian about how coffee affects rest.

His face turns purple.

He taps.

She doesn’t let up. Instead, she says: “I’ve never seen anyone’s face turn that shade before…”

He taps again. Desperate for air.

She lets him go and makes him lie down on the floor before mounting him in a reverse scissors position.

The pressure comes back on.

He grunts in pain.


“I just want to rest”

“How bad do you want it?”


She returns to the couch and puts Brian’s head in a scissors hold and gives it her all.

He taps

She doesn’t let go

He goes out

If you’re having a bout of insomnia, call Tilly.

After all, Tilly says: “If rest doesn’t come, just induce it.”

10 minutes



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