Tilly McReese: 3 clips in 1 (WMV 1080p) – 33 minutes


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1. Tightly Zipped
In this very simple scenario, Tilly has been grabbed and taken prisoner. She is secured with a new style of plastic cuffs, one where the captor pulls on a ring and the loops tighten simultaneously on the victim’s wrists. These are also placed around Tilly’s ankles, and because of the long handles, a traditional zip tie is used to connect the two, putting Tilly in a hogtie. She has a cloth stuffed into her mouth and this is held in by a cleave gag, making it difficult for her to articulate her discomfort. Tilly struggles against her bonds but escape is quite impossible; she’s going nowhere until someone frees her.

2. You’ll Be Glad To Know We’re Here
As the trunk of the car opens, Tilly’s hears the words: “You’ll be glad to know we’re here.” For a short time, this might afford her some relief, until she realizes she is going to be secured to a tree with plastic cuffs, and her cleave gag traded for a duct tape gag which is wrapped around her head as well as the tree, immobilizing her. The man says it would be a shame if things went wrong for him and he didn’t come back to free her later, because no one is likely to find her for a long, long time. After he leaves her alone, Tilly flexes her wrists inside the plastic cuffs but they are totally unforgiving. She can’t possibly escape; nor can she speak or even move her head. Even her legs are secured with a pair of plastic cuffs around her ankles and a zip tie tightened directly below her knees. She is as helpless as she can possibly be, trapped in the middle of woods, hoping against hope that someone will find her before nightfall.

3. Speeding
Tilly is speeding and hears the dreaded whoop of a cop car following behind her. She curses and pulls over onto the side of the road. The cop approaches her vehicle and asks her if she knows why he pulled her over. She decides to play innocent which only seems to irritate the cop. He asks to see her driving credentials, and when she admits that she is not carrying them, he makes Tilly step out of the car. He smells her breath to see if she has been drinking, but that seems not to be the case. He says he is going to write her a ticket. Tilly pleads with him not to do that because she has already been caught speeding a number of times before, and this time she will lose her license. The cop thinks it over, then says that if she is prepared to undress and stand before him naked, he won’t write her a speeding ticket. With extreme reluctance, Tilly strips for him. She asks if that is good enough, and he says he will keep his promise and not write her a ticket. However, not that she is naked in a public place, he says he has no choice but to take her in for indecent exposure. Tilly can’t believe it as the cop handcuffs and and marches her away naked to his cruiser. When they arrive at a destination, Tilly says this doesn’t look much like a police station. The cop admits that it’s not and she is in fact in his basement. He attaches her handcuffs to the back of a chair, attaches ankle cuffs and gags her with duct tape to stop her alerting the neighbors.

33 minutes 35 seconds – 1920×1080 pixels – WMV: 1,571.9 MB

33 minutes



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