Tickling Paris Love’s Soles (HD WMV)


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Starring Paris Love

HD (1280 x 7280) WMV


Little did she know, the supposedly massaging session with her would turn out to be overwhelmingly intense, as you tickle her feet non-stop, arousing all the ticklish nerves on her soles, until she squirms and bursts into oversensitivity! Muffled laughs: she just couldn’t contain all the sensitive touches and tickles from you; she didn’t expect you to have a special massage in store for her—one that would focus solely on the most sensitive and ticklish part of her body: her feet! You figured it’s best if your girlfriend, Paris, is cuffed and restrained on both hands and feet, so she won’t struggle from the most sensitive foot tickles of her life!


Giggling and laughing uncontrollably, Paris couldn’t hold her composure any longer. You couldn’t wait to explore every inch of her delicate feet, teasing and tickling her until she was begging for more. The thought of her squirming and writhing beneath you only made you more excited to indulge in your foot-fetish fantasies. One thing’s for sure after this tickle session: you know she’s extra sensitive down there on her feet, especially her arched, wrinkled soles, which even curl up every time your fingers scratch and rub on them.


Getting increasingly intense, Paris can’t seem to take all the extremely skilled foot tickles you give her, and her feet just flail and wiggle in place, trying to prevent your naughty little hands from touching her feet.


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11 minutes



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