Tickle the fuck out of Sangini (FHD)


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Sangini is used to hard sessions so it’s time to switch things a little. Kalahari heard she’s ticklish as hell and set up a comfortable position to check it. To prevent avoiding a single sensitive spot he ties her up with hands above her head to get access to ribs and armpits, her leg wide apart, to be able to tickle thighs and crotch. He spreads toes and fix it to tickle soles freely. That’s how Sangini is left with no other way but to accept every piece of pleasurable torment.  
It begins with simple strokes and soft upper body touches. Sangini smiles warmly – she doesn’t know what to expect and thinks it’s a silly session, no need to be scared. Kalahari knows how wrong she is but reveals it slowly. Once the skin is warmed up, he digs fingers in it, making girl scream and wiggle, he tickles her breasts, ribs, thighs and armpits. After a while he adds an electric toothbrush and oil to get even more reaction. He’s torments her pussy, feet, between toes and every other sensual spot he’s able to find. 
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48 minutes



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