Throbbing Edging Diaper Change (UHD WMV)


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Starring Akira Shell

UHD (1920 x 1080) WMV

Lactating & diaper clips from Shell Ground are re-mastered & moved here

This is what you get for being a good boy for your caregiver Akira. With the pungent odor of your excrements still in the air, she just cannot wait to get you into a fresh, clean diaper. But you must behave while she’s changing you so you wouldn’t get rashes, alright? Already throbbing from the close contact with her, your cock is aching for her touch. 
Akira strokes your hard, throbbing cock, and to be honest, she just realized by now how it has become like that. It’s because of her, silly. She just knew how intensely aroused you are every time she comes near you. And with that nasty secret being untold, expect that she’d punish you for being a naughty boy whos unable to control himself. Gripping your aching cock, she squeezes causing the veins to pop out and almost burst with excitement. Stroking, she builds your hopes up about getting a much-needed release. Thats not what she has in mind- however!
Abruptly stopping stroking once you were getting close to cumming, Akira takes the tissue and wipes all of the oil around it while the diaper rash cream still drips all over your cock. What a fucking tease! She explains that you wont be able to cum unless you come out with her to show off to all her friends as her big, giant baby.
She pours a heap of baby powder to make sure you would not get rashes once you two go out in the open together with her friends- she doesnt want you scratching and embarrassing her. Now all done, she puts you in a clean diaper intended for girls- despite your protesting and dislikes for the situation. You can tell it’s for girls since the fittings are a little too small for your thighs and groin.  After taping both sides of the diaper on you, she giggles, and prepares your to-go diaper bag- that everyone will know what its for! You are now all set for your outdoor bonding sesh with Akira! Are you ready for the stinkiest, most humiliating day of your life with Akira?

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8 minutes



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