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Journalist Star Nine receives a mysterious envelope and decides to investigate the return address. Jogging over in a blue catsuit and a hoodie, shes determined to find answers. Standing in front of the house, she starts exercising to blend in before climbing through a window.Finding journals, she steals one before searching the rest of the house. She doesnt see Baddie Tim Woodman sneaking behind her and its too late as he lifts her off her feet. Despite her long legs kicking, shes no match for his strength.He removes her sneakers and white ankle socks, caressing her body. Unzipping her jacket reveals a sexy unitard.Star awakens on a dirty floor in a locked cell. Pacing, she tries to find an escape. The villain enters as shes cowering in the corner. Hair pulling her to her feet, he scolds her curiosity. Arm holding her biceps behind her allows free access to tit grabbing. She wont shut up, so hes handgagging to muffle her crying. Spinning her around, hes ass grabbing her tight ass before leaving her alone in the holding cell.He returns with water that she can have if she strips her cat suit. Humiliated by the prospect, she refuses, so he helps by tearing the back off. Embarrassed, she tries to push the cloth together while gasping from exertion.Exhausted, she lies on the bed but submits the imposed stripping when he returns. Shyly covering her breasts, its impossible to maintain modesty as he directs her to slowly turn around. The black thong is peeled down her legs in disgust.The price for food and water went up and shes ordered to masturbate. Knowing she has to put on a good show, she tries to compartmentalize the situation, and starts nipple squeezing and clit rubbing. After cumming in shame, she devours the rations while pondering her fate.She realizes there is no toilet in her cell. Fidgeting, she tries to do bladder holding. Banging on the door, she begs for a bathroom. Ignored, she starts peeing on the floor, disgusted to be in her own filth and the piss smell.Sitting in the corner, she tries to keep her active mind occupied and talks to herself. How long has she been caged? Grabbing the Rubiks cube, she starts playing and singing like a good little slave.Includes , , , OTHER KEYWORDS –  embarrassed nude female ENF embarrassment spandex workout clothes workout clothing blondes tall woman tall women kink mind fuck submissive/slave training humiliation male domination slut training masturbation DID
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