The Construction Worker – Tickling Clip – Windows – Standard Resolution


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The Construction Worker – Tickling Clip – Windows – Standard Resolution


Alexis just finished pulling a double shift, and is looking forward to napping through her day off. Unfortunately, a construction crew has other plans. As soon as her head hit the pillow, the jackhammers started, followed by every other possible annoying noise to keep her from going to rest. She calls out the foreman, who shows up at her door. A towering amazon, the foreman is physically threatening, bit Alexis wants to get some rest. She tries to talk to the foreman, but the woman is unsympathetic. This infuriates Alexis, and as the woman is about to leave, a plan forms in Alexis’ mind. Quickly, she pulls out a mask and tank of laughing left over from a rave party. She subdues the muscular amazon, who is reduced to helpless giggles. When the woman awakes, she is tied to Alexis’ bed. The foreman curses and threatens, but Alexis intends to follow through with her plan to convince the foreman to send her workers home. She proceeds to savagely tickle the woman, who explodes in laughter as her muscular body reacts to the tickling. Alexis continues the tickling as the woman refuses to send her workers home. Probing her vulnerable body, Alexis causes the tough amazon to cry in laughter like a helpless schoolgirl. Will the Amazon break? Will Alexis get her rest?

Length:12 min
Size:186 MB

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