The Best Candidate Remastered (MP4) – Amber Wells




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The Best Candidate Remastered (MP4) – Amber Wells


Amber desperately needs a new job with better pay, and she is the last candidate waiting to be interviewed that afternoon. Unfortunately for her, things seem to be running late with the preceding candidate, keeping Amber waiting past her scheduled interview time. Things are even worse because she is also desperate to pee, and now worries that she will not be able to perform well in the interview. She asks one of the staff where to find the ladies and is informed that the one on this floor is out of order, and that she will need to visit the one on the floor above. When she asks for directions, it soon becomes clear that a visit to the bathroom would take perhaps ten minutes. What if the interview panel summoned her while she was gone. Would they skip her interview and select one of the other candidates? Amber decides that she can’t take the risk and persuades herself to hold on. As her desperation to pee increases in leaps and bounds, Amber almost gives in and starts to leave to visit the bathroom, then changes her mind. She simply dare not go. Her determination can only go so far is controlling her tired bladder muscles however, and before anyone comes to get her, she has a huge accident in her skirt and tights.

Length:13 min
Size:772 MB

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