The Addiction Exposure Clinic


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[This was a custom request] Your wife has sent you to a special therapy clinic to deal with your overwhelming addictions that are plaguing your marriage. She’s not aware that the clinic has a special therapy method – overexposure to your addiction with the nurse to monitor the levels at which your excitement peaks and decide the best course of treatment from there. By the time your nurse has explained, your wife has already left and you’re thrown into the session with an excitement building in your stomach…

Your nurse is very attractive… and she tells you that she’s been looking into your case all morning in between clients. Your main addictions are used women’s panties and sweaty arses. She asks which of your addictions is more manageable and you answer panties. She tells you that she’ll start there and brings out six pairs of used, sweaty underwear. There are all kinds of styles and fabrics, she explains that she’s gathered them all from various colleagues around the hospital. She talks you through each pair, one by one – telling you who they belong to, their age, and why the panties are so used and smelly. She then lets you take a huge sniff of each pair before asking which were your favourites. You, of course, choose the stinkiest, most used pair and she seems pleased with your decision. She advises you that it’s time for the next step.

Step two of your therapy involves you sniffing and licking an actual arsehole. Your nurse bends over in front of you and lifts her dress to show off her perfect butthole. She spreads her cheeks and instructs you to stick your nose between them without moving. After a while, she encourages you to taste her too. She smells and tastes amazing and you are achingly hard in your trousers and leaking precum. That’s when she moves you into the third step of the session.

She advises you that now you must fuck her in a normal, missionary position while your addictions are introduced throughout the see when your arousal reaches its peak. She shyly admits that her clients don’t usually make her so wet, but for some reason, your ass-licking has gotten her pussy dripping. You slip inside her and begin to fuck her at a steady pace. Her pussy feels hot and incredible… but then she reintroduces the stinking panties from step one and makes you inhale them while you fuck her. You immediately start to fuck her harder and deeper, smelling the used panties, and she comments that this is exactly what she’d expected from the results of your therapy so far.

The final step involves anally penetrating her and using the sweat from her arse as lube. From her work so far, this is what she has determined is the ultimate part of your addiction – the smell and feel of a woman’s sweaty arsehole. You push into your nurse’s tight butt. It’s a tight squeeze but you finally pop inside her and begin using her arse right there on the medical table. She tells you to completely let your addiction take over now and advises that it’s perfectly ok for you to cum inside her butt for the sake of the test. It only takes a few moments before you can’t hold back any longer and you fill her asshole with your seed.

She looks up at her colleagues through a glass screen and asks for a time on your orgasm. The answer makes her smile and nod with approval and she gladly tells you that it’s exactly as she thought from the start. Your addiction is clear and she’ll need you back for some more sessions in the near future. You had just better not tell your wife about the unique methods that they use in this clinic!

18 minutes



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