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Ms. America is a symbol of virtue and goodness as one of the top super heroes on the planet. However, her super heroine step-daughter, Red Robin has been seeing the step-son of the Tickler, her step-mothers arch enemy. Infuriated by this, Ms. America confronts her step-daughter and tells Red Robin that she is not to see the ticklers step-son any more. The step-daughter defiantly refuses her step-mothers wishes. Not to be questioned, the Matron of Might decides to punish her step-daughter and show her what dating the Ticklers step-son will lead to. Tied to her bed, Red robin is subjected to a merciless tickling by her step-mother as she is punished for her defiance. Ms. America taunts her misbehaving progeny as the poor girl laughs and struggles. Fingers, feathers and even vibrators tickle her trembling flesh, causing peels of laughter to burst from her lips. Red Robin remains defiant for as long as she can, but the tickling is too much and she finally relents. Satisfied that she has taught her step-daughter a lesson, Ms. America releases the girl. However, Red robin is burning with revenge in her mind and soon, her step-mother is tied and helpless in the same position she was in. Now Red Robin teaches the matron of might that her step-daughter is not someone to be toyed with as she tickles her step-mother mercilessly, making the poor women laugh and beg as the fingers and feathers tease and torment. Finally, she uses the vibrator to give her prudish step-mother the orgasm she desperately needs.
This is the complete video.

18 minutes



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