Summer of Sex Lesson #3


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Your stepsister invited her friend Olivia over to spend a day in the pool…Awhich is great, you’ve got such a crush on her, but the second you see her, she starts splashing you, jumping on your back to make you give her a piggy back ride, all while she’s wearing this cute and very revealing swimsuit! You have to focus all your effort to get rid of your massive erection, just to get out of the pool and go to your room to take care of it.

But its no use: it wont go away! You just can’t stop thinking about the way she touched you, how good she looks…all of it! Even after jerking it, your cock is rock hard. Then, enter…your stepmom. She’s come to find you since you’ve been gone so long, and she can tell you’re in a rough spot, your cock making a tent under your sheet. She smiles, sits on the bed, looking gorgeous as she always does, and tells you that this is a great opportunity to get into your next lesson: how to control your erections! You’re happy to have the help, especially from her, but you can’t stop thinking about Olivia. Of course, your stepmom doesn’t help, constantly talking about how sexy she is, how cute she looked, how gorgeous her bouncy, perky big tits are! She tells you that you need to lean in to what’s making you turned on, in order to get it out of your system, and god…it is fun to pretend.

“I think she likes you, you know,” your stepmom says, smirking. “C’mon, who plays with their best friend’s step-brother like that, if they don’t like you? I think you should go for it,” she tells you, stroking your cock lovingly, slowly, teasingly. “If you’re going to try, maybe we should take our lesson to the next step, hmm, honey? Besides, I’d hate to have you lose your virginity to anyone but me…”

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