Stepmom’s Truth About the School Trip 4K


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Going on the school trip was something you were looking forward to all year. All the museums, the National Mall, everything–you couldn’t wait. You didn’t even mind that your stepmom offered to chaperone. You just had to make sure you didn’t have to sit next to her on the bus, or let her embarrass you in front of your friends…or worse, in front of your bullies…but then you over heard her talking…on the phone with her husband. Telling him all the things she did. With the boys on the bus…

You don’t want to be angry, but when those two assholes showed you the photo evidence, you knew you needed to hear it from her.

She comes in to your room one evening, wearing her work dress, her heels, her pantyhose. She says the school sent the photos from the trip–do you want to get pizza and look at them with her? Oh, you can’t hold it back. You tell her that she’s a slut. That you know everything.

She denies it at first but even just saying it all to her makes your cock throb. If she’ll fuck them–fuck and suck and be a slut for those two boys, on the bus during the trip, and then after, in the hotel–then who’s to say she won’t fuck you? Of course, when you say this, she acts like that’s preposterous. But she doesn’t leave. Eventually, she agrees to tell you everything about fucking them in the hotel. And listening, god…you have no choice to but to take out your cock and jerk it. She may act offended, but you can see her eyes darting down, watching. She likes it, even if she doesn’t say it.

Of course, you don’t stop there. You make her tell you it all using the dirty words she used with her husband on the phone. If he wants to hear it all dirty, to hear what a fucking whore she is in the filthiest terms, then you do too. Plus, you know her saying it all will make it even easier to coax her into more. Into her hands between her legs. Her hands on your cock. Her mouth…stroking you, milking you, jerking you until you shoot a hot, thick load across your stepmother’s pretty, slutty face.


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