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 Hannah is excited to have her step-son home from college. As she walks by his room she hears her step-son having a vulgar conversation on the phone with his friend, talking about women around the neighborhood. Once Hannah hears that he is off the phone she decides to enter his room. At first she talks about how she is sorry Step-Dad is missing his visit because of work. Then she steps into the conversation that he had about the woman she heard him talking about. Hannah doesnt fully understand the word MILF and thinks her step-son is talking disrespectfully about people. He begins to laugh and gives her the definition to the word. Hannahs curiosity gets the best of her and she asks her step-son if his friends think she is one. Background on Hannah, plain Jane step-mom on the block, baggy clothes and hair tied up. He laughs again, and Hannah knows what the laugh is for. Hannahs ego is a bit bruised and she decides to spice some things up the following day.
Hannahs step-son is in the living room and Hannah enters with a tight shirt, short shorts and some very high heels on. Hannah is ready to do her basic household chores for the day. Hannahs step-son is about to get up not understanding what is going on. Hannah makes sure she tells him that he can stay right there. 
POV as Hannahs step-son. You are watching Hannah go around the living room dusting and straightening up. You can tell she is over exaggerating on her stretches to reach certain things. You are intrigued as well as turned on, you have never seen this side of your step-mother. Once she is done with her cleaning she decides to do some stretches and yoga poses. You continue to watch her not really stopping the obviousness of the stare. Once she is done there she comes to you. Hannah begins to play with you and wants you to pull your dick out, she can see it stretching your pants. You really dont stop yourself. You are horny and as you pull your dick out, she is quite impressed with its size. Your step-mom wants you to cum all over her big bare chest. You have been holding it back for a little while and your cum goes everywhere. It made it to her mouth and all over her chest. After all she wants to know if your friends would think otherwise of her being a MILF or not.

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