StellaLuna96 Sensual Rampage Compilation


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*This clip is made from older videos* The first clip is a throwback to 2020! I just finished working out at the gym and got home to new tinies waiting for me at my door, the perfect treat! I couldn’t help but put a few in my sweaty sports bra and bounce them around, haha. These tinies were the perfect size for my mouth, easy to pop in and fling about with my tongue~ Not to mention how well they cling for dear life when I dangle them between my plump lips and sexy tongue 😉

The second clip is a super cute one where I took a few lucky tinies to the bath with me and give them the experience of a lifetime: Being my bath toys. I’m wearing my super cute blue and white micro thong bikini and dropping this dripping wet sexy butt on whoever I get on my hands on! My butt looks so delicious hanging over the edge of the tub and when I bend over to twerk, I didn’t want to stop showing it off, haha! Stuffing more tinies in my top or tucking them on the strings, I was having a wonderfully refreshing time.

The third clip is the most recent in the rampages with a focus mainly on my feet. The beautiful curves my arches create while I’m stomping out these annoying little pests. You can see and feel the heaviness of the ball of my foot slamming against the wood floor and the fragile bodies of my tiny pests. You can even see a few of them sitting along the edge of my dress on my cleavage and falling deep into the crack between my huge boobs into the unknown. Of course, I have to save a few to satiate my curiosity about their taste and they do not disappoint 😉

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