Spellbound Stepmum Rachelle (DC)


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Introducing Rachelle, a sensual and shapely step-mother in her 40s who it turns out makes for an awesome subject for my particular band of spellbinding mental training! 


Back in the day, Rachelle had been trained once before in order to help her pass a driving test. She told me she’d been so nervous before both of her previous tests, that she’d failed as a result. When a friend suggested she try trance as a method for maintaining a more harmonious mindset, she was willing to give anything a try. Apparently the difference was night-and-day and she passed with flying colours and behaved like a completely different person throughout. 


Always hot to hear about how effectively someone’s able to melt into more effective mindsets through the right kind of training, and whilst usually the photo section is purely ice-breaking and low-pressure getting-to-know-you time, I did suggest towards the end that she try looking really deeply into my eyes to see what’d happen… 


It would seem that either I’m made of magic (Of course I am!  😉 or Rachelle’s just the ideal subject for this kind of play. Alright, maybe it’s 50/50. 


A great session, lots of high-contrast behaviour changes, amazingly blank glassy eyed doll moments, hot as anything thumb sucking sections, and strikingly impactful moments where her memories repeatedly reset, where she’s reduced in an instant to mindlessness or when Rachelle comes to her senses at the end of the shoot not believing that we’d been training her for a couple of hours. Also some steamy foot play for the foot fans. 😉 


Non-Nude, but in every other sense, a Director’s Choice. 

00:00:14 Submissive photo session
00:04:20 Pre interview
00:09:30 Induction
00:19:10 Five finger drop
00:22:25 Swtich
00:26:41 Where are you going?
00:28:11 Bound giggles
00:32:10 Replay
00:35:11 Bound posing
00:37:56 Loop
00:42:02 Foot massage
00:45:39 Foot fetish switch
00:48:31 What did I just say?!
00:51:29 World’s best butt
00:55:44 Slave fantasy
01:04:16 Oral fixation
01:07:08 Poseable plaything
01:09:18 Reset
01:13:16 Music switch
01:20:03 Snap poses
01:25:56 Dominant switch
01:28:20 Post interview

92 minutes



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