Slave vs Boots (1080 HD)


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Brutal kicking and humiliating slave 

I’m gonna kick my slave really hard. I tie his hands up behind his back so he can be totally obedient to me. I wanna busting his stomach, his ribs and face with my sexy boots. I will kick him all the time and I don’t care that he screaming and begging me for mercy. When I will get tired I sit above him and start to eat a cake choking and gagging my slave. I put one of my boot on his neck and the other leg I let him to worship. I can see he want it so badly. I’m gonna smash that cake on his stupid face and make him to eat from my boots. Now is the time to play your face with my barefoot slave. I using my heels to gag you and squeeze your cheeks. If you start to moaning I will squeeze your neck to the ground. I slapp your face with my feet. I stand up and continue to play your face with my feet and heels. I put bottom of my feet to your mouth. He think that this is the end but NO! Now my slave use a towel and clean my feet because I need to put my boots on again and kick his body and face really hard. He belong to me and he must to know I can do anything what I want with him and whenever I want. I finish him with brutal kicking.

22 minutes



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