Slave To My Soles Part 2 (720p)


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You worship the ground that Kitty Quinn walks on and she’s finally granted you a bit of time with her perfect pink, wrinkled soles. She’s invited you into her boudoir to get a good look at the soles you ache to serve. She teases you with her pretty feet and you can’t help yourself but stare. Captivated by her soft wrinkles, you admire her feet as lustful thoughts race through your mind. Kitty wiggles her pretty toes, showing off her sexy red pedicure. They look so tasty you can’t help but lean in a little bit closer, tempted to touch but you dare not cross this beautiful goddess. As innocent and seductive as she looks, you know the havoc she can wreak in the wrath of her rage. Your mind wanders as you take in her mile high arches and endless wrinkles. Kitty describes exactly how she’ll want you to worship her feet if granted the privilege. The idea of having her perfect feet in your mouth makes your cock twitch and throb. She seduces you with expert ease, having you in the palm of her hand quickly. Soon enough, you feel overcome with the urge to please her and serve her so you can have her feet.  


*** This is a custom clip directed by a fan! Contact me now to bring your fetish fantasy to life! ***

10 minutes



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