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So you want to see what this size queen slut really thinks of that cock of yours. I know you’ve been wanting to show it to me for so long. Then you can finally get it over with and hear my cold honest opinion. I won’t go easy on you either. Well first you should go ahead and get a little hard for’s no fun showing it off while it’s soft. I really mean I’m a size queen, the bigger the better. So let’s tease you up and see if you measure up for me. Rub yourself through your pants then slip your hand inside and rub your cock for me. It never takes long with me around. That’s enough teasing for you for now..go ahead pull out that cock. Would you look at that, exactly what goddess expected you little dick losers just love to get hard and show of your gross inch worms so I can humiliate them. Knowing how tiny and pathetic I think your cock is gets you off doesn’t it? Let’s be honest my size requirements are pretty high and you do not even come close to measuring up. That’s why you just get to be humiliated while you stroke your tiny embarrassing shrimp cock. Oh yes for me, 9, 10 inches and more. You couldn’t even get past my fat ass and you never would. You’d only ever be that close to me if you we’re on your knees for me as my cuck while I fuck a real man. Truly the closest that shrimp cock would ever come to me. You knew I’d be judging that thing harshly.. the size queen that I am. You definetley only need one hand to stroke.. that is certainly one of the requirements on my “is it big enough sheet”. Another mark towards your failure. It really is so so tiny and pathetic, it could never pleasure a size queen thick woman like me. Your little shrimp cock was made to be degraded and humiliated and maybe even caused a bit of pain while I always get my size queen slut pleasure, all the big dick I want. While you get humiliation for that disgusting shriveled worm in your pants. At least you can satisfy my cravings for humiliating and cucking little dick losers like you. It honestly should be kept in a cage.. and you know we could make that happen. You can earn your place as my little dick humiliation slave.

8 minutes



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