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Shoe hunter 29 MP4 (1920×1080) FHD


Elizabeth is reading while sitting on a red sofa. On her slender legs are sexy golden high-heeled sandals. She is alarmed by some sounds coming from under the sofa. Having put down the book, she decided to look under the sofa. But then some strong hands grab her and try to drag her under the sofa. She desperately resists and manages to free one leg. But then the unknown person now grabs her second leg with both hands and gradually pulls her completely into the sofa. She finds it difficult to resist and her leg is completely engulfed by the sofa. Now she is struggling trying to pull one leg out. And when after a while, having tried all the methods, she still pulls her foot out, she was not wearing a sandal. She looks under the sofa, but sees no one and nothing. Elizabeth is very upset because she liked her sandals so much. She goes into the house with one sandal on her foot, thinking. What was it? Was the shoe hunter hiding under her sofa? How did he manage to run away with her sandal so quickly?

Length:13 min
Size:282 MB

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