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clip request:  Hey Diana I had a request. Hopefully you do this one for me. I want you in a crop top with tight fitting jeans that show your buttcrack really well. I want you walking around the house bending down teasing your buttcrack with the cameraman obviously following close behind you.I want the cameraman to pull your middle belt loop and reveal your crack but you pretend to not notice. After 2 minutes of the camera following your buttcrack around I want you to sit down somewhere with your crack exposed. I want the cameraman to then get real close to your crack and start sliding a few coins into that sexy crack. You giggle and look back and tell the camera to keep going as he caresses your buttcrack with coins. You allow the coins to slide down your pants as 4 minutes of this goes by. I want you to get up and start bending over and squatting around the house while the camera man is sliding his fingers into your crack continuously. After 3 minutes go by you realize this is really turning you on so tell the cameraman to follow you. You then tell him to lay down on the bed or couch whichever is more comfortable and you sit on his lap with your crack facing the camera and you let him finger your buttcrack more and more. He licks his finger and slowly strokes your crack. The soft wet touch of his fingers between your crack makes you giggle slightly. You say you love it. You get off his lap and you walk around the house where he’ll continue to try touching your crack and pushing coins down your pants. 

12 minutes



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