Sahrye Ass Obsession




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Start the video with some b-roll of her in a bedroom in her underwear, checking herself out in a mirror, turning her butt towards the mirror/camera, touching and shaking it. Have her narrate over this b-roll about how obsessed she is with her ass. Have her talk about its size and shape and feel, and have her brag that it’s all-natural. Then have her speak about a condition she has. When she’s aroused, she starts growing. And since she’s so obsessed with her ass, the idea of having it be bigger just turns her on more and it’s a bad cycle.

Now have her in a mall in the outfit stated above. Have her walking with a phone in her hand gloating about how she finally found jeans that can fit her huge ass, and even still it’s a tight squeeze. Have her bump into something, causing her to drop her phone. As she bends down to pick it up, her jeans tear at the ass. This makes her extremely aroused and she immediately starts rubbing her groin through her jeans, moaning. She says something like, “wow, my ass is sooooo fat”. She’s now growing. Have her heels break, and have her jeans tear right off, then her underwear. She continues rubbing. Then have her top rip right off, followed by her bra. She’s wearing skin-colored pasties. She then grows through the roof of the mall. 

The scene is her standing through the roof of the mall, looking around with delight. She’s amazed with how big her ass got, but knows it can be larger. She has an idea and says she needs to move into the city. She then begins walking with her hands covering her groin and breaking the wall of the mall

Have her walking around the city like below, still naked and using her hands to cover her groin. She’s looking for a place to sit. She’s thinking out loud, while bending down a few times to see a perfect location. After finding somewhere, she makes a clearing by kicking. Have her look at the clearing and saying something like “my ass can’t fit in there” with a giggle. She kicks again and is happy. She then sits down hard, with a camera angle showing her butt hit the ground. She finds a building to use and places it on her crotch, like below.

She begins to use the building aggressively to satisfy herself, moaning about her ass and how big it is. She then gets aggravated, saying that it’s not enough. She then grabs at the street next to her, getting a bunch of people in her hand. She looks at them and tells them to satisfy their goddess before she puts them at her groin. She grabs again and picks up a few cars, to which she puts at her groin. She then reaches up at a news helicopter and does the same. She goes back to the building and says something like “There it is!”
She bites her pinky and the camera zooms into her face. She looks at the camera and says “Whoops” Cut to black

Finally, in the black of space, show Sahrye post growth, at a camera angle like below where she’s backing her ass into the Earth while laughing. Have her use a hand to smother the Earth into her ass, blowing it up.

17 minutes