Rough Triple Lesbian Humiliation Spitting In Face And Mouth Of A Mummified Bitch Close Up (MP4 HD 1080p)


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Three beautiful girls have fun humiliating one lesbian slave. Kira, Sofi and Agma get satisfaction by dominating lower class girls like Subby BB. Three cruel Mistresses seated the slave girl on an iron ladder and tightly wrapped her with cling film, fixing and mummifying her. Now that the submissive bitch is ready to accept humiliation from sadistic lesbians – three Mistresses began to endlessly spit on the bitch in her slutty face and her open mouth. The Mistresses expectorate and sharply spit clots of saliva into the submissive face of the lesbian slave as if they were hitting her with saliva. When a lesbian slave tries to twist her head to avoid the spitting of dominant girls, the Mistresses grab her by the hair and close-up looking at her face spit directly, covering it with a large layer of saliva. Mistress Agma completely tied the bitch with her hair to the stairs so that she would not turn her head. The bitch is humiliated by the spitting of bratty girls and is covered in saliva so that clots of saliva hang from her nose and drip onto her body. Now the cruel Mistresses are pleased with the result of their bullying, seeing such a humiliated and dirty lesbian slave smeared with their saliva.

8 minutes



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