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Rhiannon has noticed more lazy and inappropriate behavior from her stepson than usual, so she must remind him of his place – beneath her feet!  Every stepmom has a different way of disciplining their disobedient stepson.  Rhiannon enjoys humiliating her pathetic stepson by inviting her lesbian lover Violet over for some fun and turning him into their personal foot cuck.  Violet is much younger than Rhiannon and is the perfect tease for her stepson to watch!  She has him locked in chastity with the key around her neck and a collar around his neck.  First, he is instructed to lick their sexy but dirty boots clean.  The bottoms of their soles have a rough, bitter texture as both of these hardworking women have been out all day running errands in these boots.  The lovers then figure it’s time for him to switch to licking their nasty, sweaty feet clean!  His stepmother’s feet are so wide that they barely fit in his mouth!  Violet’s feet are more petite and slide down his throat more easily but gag him just the same!  Rhiannon and Violet take turns tugging on the leash to bring him closer to their smelly feet.  To tease him some more, they make out passionately with each other.  All he can do is watch from beneath them while he makes out with their soles! 

, they move the action to their bed where they give Bambi a more up front and personal tease of their pussies.  The two beauties continue to make out while they dominate Rhiannon’s pathetic stepson with their feet.  Rhiannon gags him harder with her wide feet, and Violet laughs in amusement.  “No hands!”, Violet teases.  Maybe this will finally remind Rhiannon’s stepson that his place is beneath them and their juicy soles…forever!

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