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When two football trainees arrive in the locker room ( Finn harper and James Lewis) with tempers slightly flared it quickly becomes apparent that James was given a red card and Finn is not happy about it, so he takes matters into his own hands. Ordering James over his knee for a spanking which of course finishes on his bare backside, but not convinced he has been punished enough he orders James into position and begins a session with a gym slipper on his already sore backside. As he takes aim just as he is really getting into the swing of it who should walk in? Mr Sharp (Marco) of course and he is not impressed with what has been going on.

Much to the delight of James Mr Sharp reminds Finn that he is in fact the team leader and should be setting an example but clearly he is not up to the job! Over his knee Finn goes for a good hard spanking which by the end is on his bare burning backside and of course with James enjoying every moment watching and listening to Finn’s suffering. But oh my there is yet more in store for Finn as the swishy stinging cane arrives in the hand of Mr Sharp now he really knows he means business. With each crack of the cane it becomes more and more unbearable until Finn can no longer stay in position. It is fair to say if you cant take it then don’t give it, a valuable lesson where both lads have learned a good lesson.

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