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1. In Dire Circumstances
Ramona works as a bank teller, and on this particular afternoon, robbers burst in and secured the staff members in various unused offices. Ramona finds herself locked in with the head of security. It was his day off, and he only came in to pick up something from his locker, and got caught up in events. After being stuck in the room for an hour, Ramona is feeling a desperate urge to pee. She does her best to hide this for a while, but as her situations becomes critical, she is compelled to admit to her dilemma. The security guy doesn’t want to be stuck in there with the smell of urine, and encourages her to hold it until someone lets them out. Ramona agrees to try, but just how long will she have to wait? As more time passes and her bladder is close to bursting, she knows she can’t last any longer. Unable to control her muscles any longer, she stands in the corner and wets herself, much to the guy’s displeasure. She is acutely embarrassed and asks him not to look at her, knowing that this will be the talk of the bank before the week is out.

2. She Pissed Herself Three Times
Ramona, who enjoys being desperate to pee (she also enjoys being in bondage), agrees to play the role of a hostage whose captor keeps making her drink water, despite her protestations that she needs to pee, and that he will make her piss her pants if he doesn’t stop. Naturally, he doesn’t stop. He loads the girl up on water, testing the firmness of her bladder a few times, then leaving her to struggle. This was Ramona’s first video, and to make sure she could pee, she asked both Dave and Blaise to leave her alone. She very quickly wet her pants after their departure, but decided not to call out. As a result, she sat there alone for almost ten minutes, pissing herself twice more while waiting for someone to check on her. When Blaise finally returned, she bragged that she had peed three times and laughed happily at her accomplishment. For those who enjoy watching a girl after she has pissed her jeans and can’t take them off, the second half of this video is definitely for you.

3. The Set Up
Blaise has a pee fetish. He likes watching women who are desperate to pee but unable to get to a bathroom, enjoying their embarrassment and efforts to conceal their situation. He decides to contrive such a situation when he asks Ramona, a real estate agent, to come and evaluate his property before he puts it up for sale. When she arrives, he offers her a glass of water before they get started, and out of her sight, a drops a dissolvable diuretic into the liquid before giving it to her. Oblivious to his scheme, Ramona drinks the water as the start the tour. They descend to the basement, with Blaise closing the stair door behind him. Once they are down there, he realizes he left his kets upstairs and he has “accidentallyâ€Â locked the door. This, and the door to the garage, are the only way out, but the latter is also locked. They are stuck in the basement with no bathroom. Blaise pretends to call his friend Mike, who purportedly has a spare set of keys for the house, and asks him to come over and let them out. Blaise manufactures various delays, keeping the poor girl trapped and growing rapidly desperate to pee while apologizing to her for his carelessness. Obviously, no help is coming and Ramona is not getting out before she pisses her pants in front of her client.

4. One On One With Ramona – Fail!
Ramona attempted to perform a one on one with her audience, talking about times she has been desperate to pee, starting with her journey of that very morning when Blaise refused to pull in at any of the rest stops and made her wait (she loves this game). Unfortunately, Ramona could not maintain control because she needed to pee too badly at the start of the video, so it was all over rather quickly. Oh well, she tried.

61 minutes