Pounded By Miss Shell & Miss Silver UHD


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Starring Irene Silver & Akira Shell

UHD (1920 x 1080) MP4
This clip is also available in Ultra 4k (4096 x 2160) MP4


Caught in the act, Miss Akira and Miss Irene spot you trying to join their little fun cock-wrestling. As they thrust your way, you can’t help but crave the sensation of two long throbbing cocks in your eager mouth.


Open your mouth as wide as you can, and lick the tip of their cocks, with their precum dripping down, stuffing your mouth with the sticky liquid. Spit on their cocks and just suck it in nice and wide. They want to hear your slopping, gagging, and choking from stuffing their long, hard cocks one at a time in your mouth. It’s not fun if they don’t see the desperation of getting choked and gagged with such big cocks. Suck on Miss Irene’s cock head, and slowly go in as further as you can, slipping her whole shaft inside your mouth until it reaches your throat. 


When your tight butt is up against their hips and your butt cheeks are pressed up against theirs, they can’t wait to bury their veiny cocks down there and grind real deep. Full to the brim, you may expect to get pounded from every direction while they rub their cocks all over you. Not only are they playing mind games, but they’ve got a surprise up their sleeve as well! With gloves on and a mischievous grin, they gear up for the thrilling part of this session. As they grease up their aching cocks with some lubricant, they make sure everything is perfectly smooth and ready to go before they plunge deep down to your prostate.


Miss Akira confidently takes the lead, gently entering your tight ass. Taking it slow, she slides her greasy cock into your tight virgin butthole, giving your buttcheeks a helping hand with her trusty gloves.  Feel the intense penetrating power of her huge, lengthy cock as you take it inside your butt. Although the initial butt penetration may be rather painful, the sensation of the cock going into and out of your butthole will be so satisfying that you may find yourself begging for a second penetration immediately thereafter.


They each take turns cockfucking you and poking fun at your butthole, teasing you with just the tip. Now that you seem to be wet and oiled up, they think you are ready to take in getting drilled and pounded by these hot schoolgirls’ cocks! Their cocks take turns drilling your butthole, first gently and then increasingly rapidly, until it is enough to accommodate the toy fist they have personally brought just for you and your aching tight butt!


“Deep breathe, remember to exhale too. Now, spread those cheeks.”


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14 minutes



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