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You are completely possessed by my feet. You should to try harder to clean my sandals and feet because I’m not happy from your work. I have to decide to punish you or to reward you. You have a choice haha. I`m gonna use my feet to demolition your throat. I don`t care if you choke and can’t breathe. Maybe I will help you and use my hands to push my feet deeper in your throat . Haha you are full of saliva and can’t breathe? I love that sound when you try to breathe and you can’t. You are so pathetic. I will help you. I will push my toes right in your nose. That should be helpfull. Haha no? Nothing? We can try harder. I won’t spare you. Your nose is perfect to clean properly my all toes. That is boring. It`s time for me to have some pleasure. Time to fuck your throat hard and fast. I`m gonna totally smash it. You can beg me to stop but I think you know that it’s pointless. I love to hear your trouble breathing. I feed on this sound. It’s so hot when I ignore you and the only sound I can hear is that sound when you throttle beneath me trying to catch breath at least one time.

18 minutes



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