Nikki Brooks – Worshipping My Step-Auntie’s FEET (1080-HD)


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(1080-HD) Once again you’ve been left with your step-auntie Nikki, whom isn’t exactly the conventional babysitter or care taker in any way. She’s on the phone when you walk into the kitchen, guaranteeing your step-mom that you’re in the best of hands and she truly has nothing to worry about. However, Nikki is a bit mischievous and LOVES to push the boundaries of a lot of things and people. Today she has her eyes set on YOU, you’ll be the target of Nikki’s little games for today. She starts off by teasing you that she’s not bossy and conservative like back home and teases that her twin, your step-mommy is probably such a prude. She asks if you’re allowed to jerk off and laughs that it’s probably forbidden from you touching yourself at home. Nikki knows about your little secret, you love feet!!!! This is the secret tool she intends on using on you, her bare naked feet. She blops them on the kitchen counter and the is a kinda of a mind fuck game from here. Telling you to sniff them, that while you’re in charge you can do WHATEVER you want with her feet; and you do just that. Your step-auntie goes a step further and has you jerk your cock to her feet right in front of her. Making gestures that giving you a foot job would probably be the best fucking feeling in the world but for now she thinks cumming on her bare soles is the best for now in, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1….CUM!! Did you make it or make a mess all over yourself?? 

9 minutes



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