Night in the forest WMV (1920×1080) FHD




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Night in the forest WMV (1920×1080) FHD


Elizabeth was returning from the beach. It was evening and the sun was already setting. To shorten her path, she decided to go through the forest. Turning off the road and walking a few steps, her leg suddenly sank just above the ankle. She thought that she would quickly cope with this problem. But the leg was gradually pulled deeper and deeper. With each intense movement, her foot sank further into the sand. And soon her right leg was completely swallowed up! She is desperate, no one is around to help her. And soon night will fall! She is scared, but she understands that she will have to spend the night in the forest, waiting for the morning and help. But the next morning, only her glasses and bag lay in this place. Maybe someone helped her, or did the sand completely swallow her body?

Length:17 min
Size:1509 MB

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