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(1080p, 60fps) I’ve never been hornier for your big dick than I am this very moment… how could you make me wait ALL day, alone with my cock obsessed thoughts, my wet panties, my dirty fantasies about how hard and long you’d FUCK me when you got back. Oh come on, it was just a surgery and it wasn’t even on your dick. I deserve THIS inside of me right now.

Ohhh I knew you couldn’t resist. I can feel how hard he is for me… so swollen it’s like you’re about to blo–OH!! What?! You just CAME?! But I barely even touched you! You’ve never cum from just a hand job before, and so quickly… Ugh, how could you do that?? I’m so fucking horny… let me get you nice and hard again, you HAVE to fuck me. 

Go slow?? But I’m barely even stroking you! Are you about to cum again?? Something’s not right, ever since the doctor’s visit. Where are the discharge papers? Oh God… oh no, the surgeon who worked on you today. He’s the man I left for YOU! What did he do to my favorite cock??

It doesn’t matter, I need to have you, to taste you right now! Mmmpph… oh yes… mm–AH! You blew your load all over my face and only after a few seconds with your cock in my mouth!! What am I going to do, I only got with you for your stamina and now you’re cumming every time I barely touch you!! I’m so fucking horny, we can’t stop now. Maybe since you just came, you won’t be so sensitive… I’ll just sit on your cock, wiggle around JUST enough to get your hard again and get a real marathon fucking I deserve! Just. Don’t. Cum!

Fantasy includes: premature ejaculation, virtual sex, transformation fantasy, fake cumshots, seduction, girlfriend experience, hand job, blowjob, female desperation/frustration, horny slut, orgasms, bra fetish, big tits, pov


23 minutes



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