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When big grown man-babies Can’t control their pathetic urges or selfish desires, they’re sent to be supervised by the one Ms. B Who rules with an iron fist and doesn’t put up with any misbehavior. You can’t seem to keep your hands out of your pants, Whining and desperately seeking attention of women who are far out of your league, Story of your pathetic life. Maybe once you were able to get by on good looks and half ass charm but That doesn’t fly anymore, you’re aging poorly, you’re broke and pathetic. Women don’t want you and younger women, hot girls think you’re a fucking joke. Just give it up, accept your place as a pathetic Incel 2.0, once a sudo-stud now a total dud!!! I’ll be overseeing your constant draining and “made to masturbate” sessions where I control your stokes, orgasms and frequency of all of it. That is until as reach a point that your below average dick no longer controls you or your mind. That’s my job. Ms. B truly knows best. 

10 minutes



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