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The adorable Misti Klein loves inflicting pain with submission holds she’s a master at applying — here hurting little Elfin in her perfect rear naked choke as the tiny guy with the high pain tolerance hangs on while his forehead bulges from the pressure of Misti’s arms that reveal their muscle when she locks on the vicious hold. Up on her palms with Elfin under her her big quads grow around his neck as she rocks on straight headscissors — Elfin turning colors as Misti bites her lip in pleasure. More overpowering rear naked chokes as she smiles — a calf choke to which he taps. Misti’s perfect soles in the camer’as face as she cranks on more straight headscissors from the couch then on the floor into her crotch and her front headscissors she loves as she can look at the pain she’s causing close up. She laughs in pleasure pulling him into another front headscissors, her feet locked in the air as her muscular quads encircle his neck. Rear naked chokes on the ground shake him — she makes him tap hugging his neck in a wrap choke; she stands and hurts him in standing headscissors, lifting her dress to reveal her muscular quads squeezing his head. Gymnastic reverse headscissors make him tap — reverse headscissors have him tapping with his face pressed in her ass as the remarkable guy hangs in turning colors. Straight headscissors on the ground — Misti bunches up part of her skirt in her hand pouring the power on the hold before finishing him in eye-popping fashion in a front naked choke as the skilled and sensual girl leaves him at her feet, her calf flexing accidently as she walks away. Time: 20:38

20 minutes