Minx Massively Gagged with ungagging bts (WMV Format)


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I wanted to see how much of a multilayered gag I could take and Cinched was at the ready to help me find out! He tied me to a chair and started with tape on my mouth. He came in and used a cloth gag over the tape and let me adjust to the new sensations. I moaned into the gag as I awaited his return. Cinched then used tape under my chin, over the top of my head and across the fabric gag. He asked if I wanted more and I nodded yes. He then slipped a pair of panties over my head before taping them in place. Cinched returned and asked if I wanted to keep going and I sure did! He slipped a nylon over my head and I began grinding into the chair. My bits were stimulated and my brain was happily slipping deeper into sub-space. He came back and added a layer of tape over the nylon hood. Cinched checked on me again and I let him know I was good so he groped my breasts and slid a hand down my pants. Yet another cloth gag was added over the previous layer of tape. I humped and grinded but was left wanting more until Cinched came back and slipped his hand down the front of my jeans and rubbed my bits. I moaned into my gag with pleasure. Another layer of vet wrap covered my mouth before he added a harness gag. I was blissing out! Cinched returned again to wrap my head with a final layer of vet wrap. I was a well gagged and happy girl!

Cinched left the camera rolling while he began ungagging me. Layer by layer was being peeled off. The sub space was deep so I didn’t have much in the way of words, but you can see in my eyes that the delicious brain goo was thick and delicious!

28 minutes



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