Mia and Scarlett – Worship like in the movie (mobile)




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Mia and Scarlett are two friends, Scarlett is waiting for Mia to return from the gym, lying on the sofa she tells Mia that she has seen a movie where there was a woman tied up and she really liked it, Mia is also very curious and at her friend’s insistence, she agrees to be tied up like the girl in the movie, so much in the movies the bindings are always fake, she adds. Once Mia is tied hands and foot, Scarlett starts tickling her. Mia plays along for a while, then Scarlett gets more and more involved and insistent, takes a handkerchief and does a cleave gag to Mia who protests about that, then takes possession of her feet and does her foot worship. Mia struggles and tries to rebel to such an extent that Scarlett takes another rope and puts her in a hogtie on the couch, she continues with the tickling and foot worship. At one point Mia tells Scarlett to stop and give her a break, she wants to show her that if she lets her do it without bothering her all the time she will be able to escape easily. Scarlett agrees and gives her 5 minutes but tells her if she fails he will tie her even tighter. Mia accepts while Scarlett goes away after having observed her for a couple of minutes. When she returns Mia is still in her hogtie on the couch while Scarlett is carrying a roll of tape, a ballgag and a thin string. Say welcome to my favorite toys, she says to Mia as he unties the rope that held her hogtied. Go take off your clothes you’re sweaty and then come back for round two. Mia goes back to her underwear and pulls up her hair gathered on her head, this time Scarlett ties her on the floor in a hogtie tight with tape, and ballgag in her mouth and toes tied with a rope, and starts licking her feet voluptuously, covering them with saliva, Mia at first sulky seems to play along and have fun, every now and then Scarlett tickles her a few times

32 minutes