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Mayla, in her police uniform, with shiny tan pantyhose and black heels, is talking to her Capitan. Mayla tells the Capitan that she wants to be the one who captures “The Mask”. The Capitan tells her he thinks it’s a bad idea for 3 reasons: The Mask likes to tie up pretty girls like Mayla. Mayla has a history of getting tied up on the job. The Capitan thinks Mayla secretly has a fetish that she likes getting captured and tied up. It makes her excited and horny. Mayla wants to prove her Capitan wrong. She seductively climbs onto his desk. She puts her pantyhose legs and high heels in his face. She says “I’ll prove you wrong. I’ll let you tie me up. And if I can escape in 15 minutes or less, you have to assign “The Mask” case to me.” The Capitan agrees. Mayla is happy. All tying is on top of the desk. Mayla is eventually hogtied on the desk with close ups of her sensual struggling. He ties her ankles together. Keep her shoes on please. He ties her arms behind her back. Rope around her chest. Hogtie. Cleave gag. Blindfold. The Capitan says he’s going to get coffee. The Capitan leaves Mayla to try and escape. Mayla slowly and sensually tries to get free. She’s not making any progress. And she is getting turned on. Off camera, Louis changed his shirt and put a ski mask on. He’s now going to play the role of “The Mask”. The Mask enters the Capitan’s office to find Mayla, still bound, gagged, and blindfolded. Mayla doesn’t realize it’s the Mask. She thinks it’s the Capitan. The Mask decides to play with Mayla. He removes her gag. But he keeps the blindfold on. Mayla thinks it’s the Capitan freeing her. Mayla says something like “that was 15 minutes already? You’re right. I was enjoying it…” The Mask unties the hogtie and unties her ankles. He puts her shoes back on if they fell off. And he helps her stand up. She’s still blindfolded and her arms are still tied behind her back. The Mask stands behind her and removes her blindfold. Mayla sees “The Mask”. Before she can call out for help, The Mask grabs her from behind and puts her in a tight hand gag. Mayla can’t call for help. The Mask, keeping Mayla tightly handgagged from behind, slowly and quietly walks her out of frame. The Mask carries Mayla out of frame over his shoulder. Mayla is resting in the back of a car. The Mask ties her ankles together. Gags her with a cleave gag. No hogtie or blindfold in the car. Mayla was hogtied and blindfolded in the Scene 1. In the car she’s stretching out trying to get free. While driving around, Mayla slowly wakes up. She slowly and quietly works on getting free.

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