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Our prisoner has been arguing that the matriarchy isn’t a real thing, that his way of helping us is teaching women how to behave. We intend on reprogramming his mentality and remaining him of his place within the hierarchy.

Goddess Vivienne L’amour begins the reprogramming with some cruel verbal humiliation, we objectify and torment our rope bound prisoner, taunting him with the torments that lie ahead of him. He is a nameless, faceless little worm here for our pleasure. He better be scared. 

Our prisoner begs for mercy, pleads with us to go easy on him but our intentions are very different. We intend to use him in the ways he has used so many pretty women in his time. We will soil him with our seed as we slip deep inside of his tight hole. I waste no time in filling this prisoners hole with my big strap-on cock as Goddess Vivienne pushes her large strap-on cock into our prisoners mouth; as he begins to struggle from the power behind my strap on cock she sits hard on his face, pinning him in place. 

As I pound deeper into our captive, Goddess Vivienne takes away his breath with her hand; denying him of breath and making him gasp in oxygen depravation. 

We throw our slave onto his knees and Goddess Vivienne impales our prisoner on her huge cock, I push my cock into our prisoner, making him taste his own ass on my own cock. As we spit roast, he screams in agony, filled at both ends and tightly bound, there is no escape for this deserving prisoner. He will take whatever we desire, as he pulls from one cock he gets further impaled by the other, a delightful predicament for us and a cruel one for our captive. 

Our beta bitch chokes and gags on my strap-on as Goddess Vivienne punches his tender testicles, we soon grow tired of his relentless screams so I hold my hand tightly over his mouth and deny him of breath before we leave him him ruined and dreading our imminent return… 

16 minutes



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