Mary, Laika & Penelope in: How To Quit Smoking (high res mp4)


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18-year-old Penelopé Garcia gets caught smoking by her protective friends Mary and Laika. The cute smoker gets immediately duct tape tied tight and submissed by her dominant female friends who have a special plan on how to make their friend quit smoking!
The girls put Penelopé on her stomach, light up a pair of cigarettes, and place them inside the nostrils of their tape bound bondage slave. Penelopé coughs and tries to cope with the smoke invading her body from the two cigarettes but she aint seen anything yet!
The fierce girls peel Penelopés white worn socks off her feet and stuff both of the dirty socks in her mouth by packing her cheeks really full so she looks like a pathetic little chipmunk. Then she gets sticky duct tape winded across her mouth and around her head as a tight gag to confine the dirty socks in her mouth!
Penelopé is once again put on her stomach and made to smoke another pair of cigarettes with her nose, but this time she aint able to breathe through her mouth as a massive sock and tight duct tape gag prevent her from doing that! 
The helpless bondage smoker is struggling so hard to get by as her two strict friends are making her smoke those cigarettes with her sock stuffed mouth gagged to the max!
This might just be the perfect way to make someone quit smoking!
Included in this clip: duct tape bondage, girl smoking cigarettes, dirty socks stuffed in mouth, duct tape wrap gagged girl, lesbian bondage domination, tapegagged tight, humiliation, struggling, lezdom bondage humiliation, gag fetish, bdsm
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