Marie and the Double Bluff (Dirty feet) 6K VR360


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This was a custom request, script see below! It is a complex story, and she speaks Ukranian only 🙂
But if you like crush, toy figures, Flip Flops and dirty barefeet, you will surely enjoy without grasping the story 🙂
Marie and you are a married couple, you are sitting at the head of the bed as Marie is working at the table at the computer desk. Marie’s workday starts earlier so she is prepping for the day, She is worried about your huge presentation at work today. She knows you have been working tirelessly on your latest project at work, but you never told her what it can do as you wanted her to know after everyone else knew so that you could impress her with a working matter ray. Marie mentions that she and your coworker Lena are supposed to meet up after work that day, apparently Lena agreed to help Marie make a surprise video for you to celebrate your big achievement. (Unfortunately for you Marie is unaware of your Podophobia she had always thought you had a secret foot fetish and where too shy to bring it up, while Lena who is the office prankster is very aware of your hidden fears and thought it would be hilarious if Marie made you a foot fetish video unaware of your fear). Marie then mentions that she seems to have lost her glasses at work yesterday so it will be bothersome for her today until she can buy herself a new pair of glasses as she is very farsighted without them, stating that it’ll be hard to read anything with small print on it. She notices you falling back to rest, she reminds you not to forget getting back up for work and not to be late. You fade back to rest, and she leaves for work.

Later that day there was a big accident during your presentation, your device that was a matter transporter had accidentally fired with too much power and stole the matter from everyone in the room, resulting in everyone shrinking. Everyone had blacked out, when everyone awoke, they all tried gathering and calling for help, but their shrunken phones could only receive calls and were unable to send out calls themselves, and everyone’s voice was too small to be heard. No one left at the office had to use the conference room either.

Soon Marie walks in with her flip flops, her feet also look unwashed and dirty as she must have not had time to clean up after work, she calls your name and for Lena, trying to make sure you’re not there while looking out for Lena. You are standing next to Lena on the floor when Marie calls her asking where the toys are for their film. Lena mentions they are on the ground (in a box under the desk) Lena unfortunately couldn’t help herself as she didn’t bring up they had shrunk, (Lena wanted to tease you just a little more). Marie hears you in the background on the call yelling for her to call you as you assumed Lena wouldn’t tell Marie what happened. Marie  then gets on the ground and faintly sees you up close and mistakes you as an ordinary toy figure, as her farsightedness makes her vision blurry to things up close, Lena is about to tell Marie what happened when Marie cuts her off as she kicked off her shoes and is now walking barefoot(will remain barefoot the rest of the film), Marie squashes Lena underfoot before Lena can explain what happened, her phone cuts out, you watch Lena stuck to Marie’s feet as Marie tries to figure out what to do because Lena hanged up so fast, Lena was supposed to be helping her film, Marie assumes Lena must have been distracting you and was busy keeping you out of the office while Marie was filming.

Marie then looks for a camera on the ground and finds the box under the table, she finds the camera and the actual toy figures in the box, but she thinks there’s enough on the floor and doesn’t want to accidentally lose any, as it looked like Lena had already set a lot out before she left the office. Mari then sets the camera down on the floor, following Lena’s instructions from the previous day, “Marie you must pretend everyone is shrunk and you are unaware stepping on them as you are trying to rescue your husband but pretend you can’t find anyone”, laughing to herself because she can’t see anything on the ground anyway without her glasses. As she starts pacing around everyone, her feet stepping on your coworkers as she is ironically pretending that you had shrunk, and she is looking for you. She is talking to herself deliberating about calling you since you had asked her over Lena’s phone call, just to make sure it’s not an emergency. But Marie decides to not call back right away as Marie doesn’t want to spoil the surprise for you by accident.

You watch as one of the coworkers even got stuck between her toes for a little while. After a few more minutes she finally calls you, as she walks toward you, she is careful over the phone as she doesn’t want to spoil the surprise over the phone. Marie’s dirty soles rest on your tiny form as she sits down and rests her feet on you, dirt rains over you, off her soles. This makes it hard for her to hear you as it sounds like you’re being attacked over the phone. Then you finally yell out that everyone’s shrunk, and the reverse ray is on the table. She is confused, fearing your safety she gets up and reaches for the remote at the table, stepping over more coworkers. She hits the wrong button as she can’t make out the fine print labeling the controls as the words are too small for her to read without glasses, and instead of returning everyone’s matter and unshrinking them, the remote instead teleports everyone to the office bathroom.

Marie asks where everyone is, as to her she didn’t see anything change, and you tell her that everyone is in in the bathroom, she was never aware that you all where the toys in the room, she rushes to the bathroom with the remote, she is confused that it doesn’t work, because there’s no one in the bathroom after she supposedly unshrunk everyone. You are still stating that everyone is still shrunk!

Then the worst scenario possible happened. Marie thought she figured it out, thinking that you must have been trying to trick her into thinking that you were in actual danger on the floor below her, just because you and Lena must have wanted her to step on the figures in the bathroom as well while looking puzzled. Marie assumes there’s probably hidden cameras in the bathroom as well.

Unknown to you she is only playing along with you and wants to give you a show, thinking you must be into unaware giantess videos. She tells you not to worry and that she will surely rescue you and hangs up, giddy that she is one step ahead of you.

She gets a magnifying glass and pretends to start looking, as she continues trampling the office workers, and getting some in between her toes. Marie then spots you but pretends she thinks this toy is a bug and slowly crushes you under her dirty foot. Then you hear her then ask herself where Lena must have set up the camera in here. Then Marie begins picking up the supposed toys, she mentions how she accidentally broke them all and hopefully she can just pay Lena back to buy new ones.  She assumes Lena must be nearby and heads out thinking you are going to love the video. Her foot lowering on you one last time and fading red.


Language: Ukrainian   Camera: Insta onex2  + Insta onex  

22 minutes



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