LVR_253a Double Goddess GTS VR POV Highheels Pantyhose Trample Crush you!


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LVR_253a Double Goddess GTS VR POV Highheels Pantyhose Trample Crush you!
Female couple goddess lovers at the feet of the humble suitor POV
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Content:Xiao G and Ling Yin S are giantess couples of the same gender~ Xiao G is more strong and domineering~ Ling is more playful, kind, but dark and cold ~ Recently, Ling has a male suitor who admires her very much~ And this suitor is you~ But as a weak and insignificant ant, at the feet of the giantess, you can only let others play and humiliate~!Xiao G teased you with high heels in front of Ling~ Toying with you~! Trample on you, just your little thing is also worthy of robbing my girlfriend with me, you know, Ling is mine~! You little waste also deserve~?Today I will trample you to D~ Look at what a waste you are~ Small useless~ I can trample you with a casual kick! Hmph~ Ling is next to intercede for you Oops, dont step on him, you will hurt him~ Dont freak him out~ Ling wears white boots on the opposite side of Xiao G Intercede for the weak you~! The domineering Xiao G doesnt care to play with you fiercely~ She wants to make Ling d~ disappointed in you little man!Xiao G high heels step on your body~ lick ah~ lick my shoes Yes, look, how cheap he is hahaha~ If the giantess is huge stocking feet playing with your little things I dont know if you can stand it?What do you say? Hahaha Saying that Xiao G took off his high heels Huge black stockings full of leather smell step on you~ Men, there is no one who is not inferior ~ Come Let me use my stocking feet to step on you all under your feet Smell the fragrance~ You say Ling! Make your choice Are you going to continue with this waste at my feet ? Or with me? You are with him, its just a momentary novelty~ Come and let me kick him down~ After playing for a long time just now, my stocking feet are sweating Come Ling you also step on him to make him happy too~ Then Ill step on you gently, I cant bear to hurt him~! You see Ling, he also stuck his tongue out and licked my stocking feet~ Yo~ I found that he actually reacted when he smelled my stocking feet~ Let me feel it with my stocking feet~ Just using my feet made him excited· Simply you are still interceding for him~ Just being stepped on by me a few times, he cant stand it~ This kind of insignificant waste is only worthy of being trampled under my feet Little toothpick! The whole person is not as big as my feet~ What a waste! I rubbed him with my feet like this~ He is getting more and more excited~ Hahaha Its really shameless~ You! Its so disappointing to me~ You like to be played with so much, then its better for the two of us to play together, you put ~ Come and smell my stocking feet well, the feet cover you Do you see Ling, this slut actually made my feet wet~! You chose this dg man and actually got my foot! You can see the true face of this waste~ You are still interceding for him~ This lowly thing! He just deceived you to be kind ~ Ling was angry~ Sure enough, you are all the same ~ Its really shameless This disgusting ~! Only worthy of being trampled under our feet and playing disgusting and disgusting~! Ling said~ Come ~ Dont you like to smell your feet, come and smell it well, come and continue to rub your little toothpick, you faceless man~! Look how degrading he is, hum, see how much he enjoys it! You finally recognize what he looks like~ Men are like this, only worthy of being trampled under our feet, hmph, trample this waste! You have to teach him a good lesson Im going to let him lick my feet well, slut, only worthy of licking my feet, lick! Looking at so many feet, the huge feet, he is even more excited How can there be such a shameless thing~ Its so useless I like to smell it so much~ You just smell it well Look at him seems to be prostrated by our feet~ Continue to play with him all the time We wont let him go~! Ill play with him gently, and he cant do it~ Shameless things~ Today I want to play with him, even if he is dying, he will not let him go Let him be comfortable to D~ How about it, look~ He was played with so many of our feet Its almost impossible~ Come and imprison him~ He can only continue to let us play Little toothpick likes to be played like this by us~ Small humble bug! It can only be trampled under our feet and let us play with it! He seems to be playing to D by us~! Ling said, Then we cant let him go, dont you like our stocking feet~? Well? Very since he has been played by us, there is no resistance~ useless things, otherwise let us trample him to D, how about? Hmph~ Okay, step on him! We can T you slowly Let him d at our feet in the most humiliating way Look, he is already dying, and he will be trampled on his body by such huge feet as ours One by one, two giantesses huge stocking feet, you kick me one foot Take turns trampling on your weak body~ Laugh at you Yo, this slut, the body is about to be trampled on, and it turns out again~ Hahahaha Hes really the lowest dg man Ive ever seen~ Slut, dont kick us as a ball, trample you to D, scumbag, trample you to D~! Trample you to D~ Hey, it seems that only stepping on him with stockings is not enjoyable enough~ Put on shoes, step on him fiercely, use high heels to step on him into meat sauce, step on meat puree, is more suitable for his lowly end~! Trample him to D and trample you to D~! The two stepped on it for a long time and trampled you to pieces before stopping~ Hey, I solved this cheap thing and felt much more refreshed~ Lets go, dear~ Lets go shopping~! Saying that, stepping over your weak C and leaving…

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