LF298 – BENT and BEATEN – Sarah vs Pixie -960WMV


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LF298 – BENT and BEATEN – featuring Sarah vs Pixie
Now in 1280×960 WMV.

31 minutes of one sided beatdown featuring back breaker, stretching, neck scissors, cheap shots, belly destruction, low blows, face sitting and a whole lot more..

From the archives of the Members Video Vault of years past, tough petite Pixie takes on a taller opponent. With years of fighting experience, Pixie destroys Sarah with cruel grinding holds to methodically torment her less experienced opponent. Stretching Sarah over her back, crushing her neck in a triangle scissor lock, breaking her spine and stretching her out, Pixie finishes her opponent off with dirty cheap shots and gut punches before she’s finished with her victim. But Sarah wasn’t done.. waiting till the cameras were turned off, Sarah gets her revenge, humiliating Pixie in the process…

Being the veteran fighter of the day, Pixie never backed down from any match thrown at her, so when strong girl Sarah showed up for a match, Pixie was all for it. Using her mat experience, Pixie quickly subdues her adversary and traps her in a back pack back breaker, stretching poor Sarah’s body to impossible angles, grinding the hold until Sarah can’t take anymore..


Pixie then locks her victim in a triangle scissors across Sarah’s neck, crushing down on her victim inflicting terrible pain as Sarah tries to escape without success. Trapped and with no where to go, poor Sarah is toyed with until once again she can take no more..

Enjoying the torment she’s inflicting on her new victim, Pixie catches her victim in a cruel and punishing hold that stretches out her neck and back, leaving poor Sarah helplessly hanging on for dear life. Pixie’s grinding hold wears the bigger girl down until she can’t take it anymore..

Exhausted and broken, Sarah can barely defend herself as Pixie starts to pound away at Sarah’s belly and delivers a series of low blows that send brutal waves of pain through Sarah’s body. Punches and elbows drop on Sarah crotch and belly as Pixie takes her victim apart, one blow at a time.. Poor Sarah, broken, bent and battered offers no resistance in the end and the match is over as Pixie walks away from her victim, claiming yet another victory..

While the cameras were switched off between scenes, Sarah managed to catch Pixie by surprise and drag her back onto the mats where Sarah parks her ass on Pixie’s face, the cameras catch this prolonged scene as Sarah manages to hold her victim down to the mat, humiliating the veteran fighter who is unable to dislodge her opponent. Pixie might have won the battle, but Sarah made sure she won the war!

Long grinding back breaking holds, stretched out abs, cruel low blows and belly punching action followed by a prolonged face-sitting session will appeal to a lot of fans.

30 minutes



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