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LF269 Slap Fest – featuring Jordan vs Kelly (Custom Video) Now in 1280×960 MP4

46 minutes of painful body slapping, straddling, hair pulling and trash talking..

Jordan is pissed at Kelly for meddling in her relationship with her boyfriend and she’s looking to do something about it.. and Jordan wants to show the results to her boyfriend. Kelly, never one to back down from a challenge is ready to prove to Jordan’s boyfriend how much of a loser Jordan really is by beating her down and humiliating her on video. The pre fight interviews give a taste of what is to come. Right from the start, the hair and breasts are targeted as the hell cats lock up and go to war.

This is the match that will settle an old score. Pissed at Kelly for being the meddling bitch, Jordan goes all out to dominate and humiliate her much taller opponent to prove her point. Taking Kelly down on the mats and straddling her opponent, Jordan sets Kelly up for a vicious round of body slapping. Jordan rips Kelly’s shirt off to show off more tender skin for the slapping. But Kelly gets fired up and tries to take Jordan down to return the favour but is once again straddled and slapped on the back of the legs and belly. For a petite 5′ girl, Jordan gets the better of Kelly until she’s dragged by the hair to the bench and arms trapped under Kelly’s legs, is helped out of her shirt to expose more bare skin and now it’s Kelly’s turn to deliver the open hand slaps to Jordan’s tender breasts. But the determined Jordan breaks free and is once again straddling Kelly for another round of vicious slapping to the belly, breasts and legs. Kelly manages to use her powerful legs to scissor crush Jordan. But that’s no big deal when Kelly pins Jordan and goes to town on her belly and breasts with her own vicious slapping. Once free of the hold, Jordan is ready to ‘slap the ugly’ off of Kelly and the girls scramble for position to see who is going to slap who. Ripping at hair, slapping bellies and breasts, the two hell cats rip into each other seeking to hurt her opponent and humiliating her for the boyfriend to see.

Though Kelly is 10 inches taller than 5’0″ Jordan, she has trouble containing the little red head as Jordan easily straddles or face sits the taller girl to slap away at Kelly’s pale white skin.. or reddened skin by now. Kicking and bucking, trying to get Jordan off of her, Kelly desperately tries to break free to avoid more slapping torment but Jordan is determined to beat down the taller woman. Jordan is relentless with her slapping as she goes for the inner thighs and lower belly while sitting on top of her opponent. Kelly finally manages to break free but not before losing her jean shorts to Jordan, exposing even more tender skin for slapping away at. But it’s not long before Kelly gets to straddle and pin Jordan to start slapping away at the top of Jordan’s breasts. And now it’s payback time as Kelly rips Jordan’s jeans off and now both women have bare legs for the slapping. With red cheeks glowing, Jordan has to suffer repeated slapping until she ends up sobbing from the pain. Yanked up by the hair, Jordan is put into a camel clutch from where Kelly can slap and maul the hell out of Jordan’s breasts. And again, payback is a bitch as Kelly soon finds herself on the wrong end of being straddled and pinned as Jordan goes all out and slapping the taller girl beet red from head to toe.

All the slapping takes a toll on the taller girl Kelly as she finds herself unable to fend off Jordan’s slapping attacks. her skin shiny red from such painful attacks, Kelly keeps scrambling in order to escape but Jordan is able to pin Kelly down and rip into her skin with so many slaps until finally, poor Kelly has to submit and finally admit that she’s Jordan’s bitch. Paraded around the mat as the vanquished loser isn’t the end for Kelly.. Jordan has a few choice words to leave on Kelly’s skin before this is all over with.

Non-stop action, all over the body slapping, hair pulls, trash talking and straddle pins..

46 minutes