LF249 – HEELED OVER – Ema vs Jordan 960WMV




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36 Minutes of intense back and forth action with cheek hooks, pinched faces, breast mauling and heels..
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Ema, the resident tough gal, has little to no respect for any of the new girls and she’s going to make a point of it with Jordan. Dressed in shorts, bra tops and heels, both ladies face square off. Though Ema is confident she can make a quick meal out of her smaller red headed opponent, she’s soon surprised to find out that Jordan has a lot of fight in her as they tangle and go for all the marbles. Hooking fingers in cheeks to pull their opponent’s face around, hair pulling, breast mauling and belly punching are the main tools of the trade in this fight. But when they start using their heels to bring the fight to a new level, all hell breaks loose as the girls tear into each other.

Stepping up to her smaller opponent, Ema is confident that she can push Jordan around, insulting her about her height but no soon does Ema lay hands on Jordan that she finds herself jacked up against the wall and on the receiving end of breast mauling and face squishing. Recovering from the initial onslaught, Ema quickly turns the tables on Jordan and now it’s the red head’s turn up against the wall and getting more than just her face squished. But Jordan is quick with her hands and gets her fingers hooked into Ema’s mouth, stretching her mouth wide from side to side. Down to the mats they go, trash talking and insults flying, Jordan gets the better of Ema for the time being. But once she lets her guard down, it’s now time for Jordan to suffer under Ema’s heels. Pinning her opponent to the floor, Ema uses the point of her heel to jab into Jordan’s belly before flipping her into a camel clutch that allows Ema to return the favour with mouth stretching fish hooks and hair pulling.

Standing above her victim, Ema jams a heel into Jordan’s lower back as she yanks up on the red head’s hair. Still face down on the mats, Jordan feels the rake of the nails down her back but payback sucks as she sinks her teeth into Ema’s legs to get the tough girl off her back. The girls go non-stop, trading fish hooks, heel attacks, hair pulls and the occasional raking of the nails. They aren’t backing down for no one! Standing on feet, hands and legs, heels are dug into the tender flesh. Heels are used to trap an opponent’s wrists to the floor, freeing the attacker’s hands to inflict as much damage and pain as possible. Ema manages to pin Jordan to the floor and gets to stomp her belly and chest before shoving her bare foot into Jordan’s face. And if that wasn’t bad enough, Ema dons her heels again and shoves a heel point into her opponent’s face and breasts. These girls will stop at nothing to get the other to submit. But in the end, only one can win this match and after much punishment under Ema’s heels, Jordan gets fired up and jams Ema up to the wall, pinning her arms back and using Ema’s own heel to punish and torment her until she finally submits and gives up the match. You can only take so much belly button punishment by a heel for so long…

36 minutes